In Rayane Bacha


For Sonakshi, it was a Rayane Bacha gown at the Kid’s Choice Awards, one that she wore with a sleek middle-parted hairdo and ankle-strap sandals.

The gown with its harness-inspired piping and thigh-high slit was yet another outfit at the event that felt so out of place. RIP, Dress Code.

Sonakshi Sinha

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


      • Dear HHC Ladies, Please don’t post Ms. Urvashi… her dress is inappropriate, offensive and embarassing. Sometime ago I read that Ms. Leone refused to film an item song bcoz there was a kid on the set; she thought it was inappropriate to film with under age kids on the set. I respect her for that stand. Many bollywood celebrities just need ANY occasion for needless skin show, and wouldn’t show any sense of responsibility even if it is involving kids. They tend to equate glamour, sexiness with skin show and that’s just embarrassing and sad for them. As an educator working with young students, I know for a fact that kids are hugely influenced by these actors and their (stupid) actions. Such people trying to take advantage of a children’s event/awards should be projected as “how not to be” … Thank you.

  1. I suppose they have no idea where they are headed. Someone gives them clothes, dresses them up, picks them up and drops them at some place where they go pose and smile. Nothing else can explain this.

  2. Bollywood “fashion” is like saas bahu TV serials. Wildly inappropriate clothes day night and afternoon. Because you can.

    PnP need to widen their base. Otherwise its acres and acres of tack and excess.

    • not so muvh because you can, but because its what the audience laps up! honestly, all these actors play to the gallery and im sure the crowd didnt care two hoots for ” inappropriateness”, mores the pity

  3. I guess just the word ‘awards’ makes them so excited that they forget about everything else, eg dress code or posing. no importance is given to the prefix or suffix, kind of event .. Lol

  4. Completely event inappropriate…Why are these celebs so clueless all the time? U don’t have to be super brilliant to figure out what to wear to a kid’s event. Kangana Ranaut in that hunterwali look at a kid’s event is still raw in my memory….and then Kareena turning up like the way she did at the Mowgli premiere. Uff, these kids must be scathed for live.

  5. Just plain weird. Why is every event an opportunity for these Bollywood people to get dressed up in couture. Why can’t event like these see celebs dressed in a simple jeans with a simple top. Or normal salwar kurta? Or if they want to go the dress route then a non blingy, non skimpy, non bodycon kind of basic dress will also do. Ridiculous.

  6. Well, a thought:
    Perhaps this look was inspired by comic book superhero characters – an essential part of such kids choice awards -the lines and crisscrosses I’ve seen on plenty of superhero outfits. Also, the unfortunate reality is that female superhero characters are for the most part dressed in revealing figure hugging costumes. So maybe it isn’t really out of place.

  7. Do they even get a memo about WHAT the event is that they are attending, or do they just know its some event, know the venue and rock up there. Because the latter is what it seems like.

  8. Have you guys checked out Urvashi Rautela dress at this awards. P & P should put that:) i saw in youtube. OMG .. Hope kids dont get scared looking at it


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