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Sonakshi has been busy promoting her upcoming movie virtually and giving us quite a few looks already. Ask me and I am going to pick the white Sameer Madan look as an outright favorite with the Two Point Two pantsuit coming in a close second for its comfy yet cool factor. You?

In House Of CB, Two Point Two and Frow

In Sameer Madan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I hate the pantsuit. It looks so disconnected. those formal blue stripes with a house robe type belt and sneakers.

    The black Sameer Madan is interesting.

    House of CB co – ords – I strangely like this even though i hate costumy outfits. I guess the colour and drape. Would change those lace up heels though.

    Most of all I wish Sonak would stop ironing/straightening her hair to zero volume.

  2. The white outfit is the best of the lot, although I’m not a fan of that sheen-y material. The black dress had some potential but is the wrong length. It would have looked great as a mini.

    • Sonakshi looks f—ing hot in all of her looks, even if some of the outfits let her down:
      1. Love the skirt; hate the top, esp w. that peekaboo bra situation

      2. Love the fit/sneakers, but too pjs-y?

      3. Not too crazy abt the top half of dress, but that nitpicking. Gorgeous colors. This whole situation *chefs kiss*

      4. Love the styling, esp hair/makeup. Wish the length was either a bit shorter or longer. As is, the length makes her legs look stumpy.

      5. Love. No complaints
      (but, wait…what’s with the coat? Nvm!).

      Did I mention she looks AMAZING (photoshopped or not)?

      Don’t mind me! I just missed Sonakshi & excited to see her back on these pages! Ok I’m done now…have an amazing reinstatement month, y’all 😉

  3. The house if CB looked really good on insta the drape of the skirt made it chic. The other look I like is black dress


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