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In London to perform with the London Philharmonic for BBC Radio, Sona Mohapatra gave us varied looks during the course of her stay both on and off the stage. Staying true to both her personal style and preferred roster of designers, the songstress made each look her own but it was when she was performing that she shone the most.

Tell us, which look of hers has your vote!

Sona Mohapatra In Kallol Datta, Payal Khandwala, Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre And Eina Ahluwalia For BBC Philharmonic-2

Sona Mohapatra
Far Left: In Kallol Datta
Left: In Payal Khandwala And Eina Ahluwalia Rings
Right: In Anita Dongre And Amrapali Earrings
Far Right: In Rohit Bal And Eina Ahluwalia Haathphool And Earrings

Sona Mohapatra In Kallol Datta, Payal Khandwala, Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre And Eina Ahluwalia For BBC Philharmonic-1

Sona Mohapatra


  1. Love all the looks, very Sona-style! :) I didn’t like performance for the BBC radio one bit; the program was tribute to the great R D Burman-ji, but she’s got that folksy voice, and it didn’t suit any of the covers she did one bit. There was no pace, no depth or passion in her voice. The song ‘Chaand mera dil’ was especially a snoozefest. Pity, considering that song packs so much energy and punch.

    PS: I hope you will publish my comment. I couldn’t resist writing about her performance, as much as a fan I am of both her voice and style.


  2. Really ? Different stokes for different folks I guess . I wasn’t lucky enough to see the performance but heard a live feed on radio & thought she not only sang fabulously but told the story of the composer so eloquently & provided so much background . The Chingaree song got elevated to a whole different level & yamma yamma & many others got the audience grooving evidently considering the radio feed carried their cheers & resounding claps . I love the fact that Sona didn’t sing the songs like covers in a reality show by mimicking the original but gave the songs a brand new twist . believe that it’s what a true artiste would do . Also her voice actually soared over such a large orchestra & held it together . Maybe I’m just a big fan but I can only imagine how fantastic it sounded in the same room !! :) Btw , first time on this blog & just bumped into it via Sona’s twitter timeline .. Loving it !!




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