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Sona may not have attended Lakme Fashion Week but she sure seemed to be up-to-date with all the shows and spared no time in sporting some of the pieces showcased on the runway.

At the Mumbai’s Most Stylish do on Thursday, she sported mine, Shveta and possibly everyone’s favorite piece from the Huemn collection, the dripping pocket shirt dress. Friday evening saw her in a Vaishali S draped dress, one that she wore with a black pencil skirt.

Of the two looks, while I preferred her in the Huemn, am on the fence over the boots pick. In theory, the combo should work but in reality, it seemed off. Possibly because of the red carpet.


Far Left: Huemn
Left: at HT Mumbai’s Most Stylish 2015
Right: at Hunterr Success Bash
Far Right: Vaishal S


Left: at HT Mumbai’s Most Stylish 2015
Right: at Hunterr Success Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can appreciate creativity with saree fabrics and silhouettes on a purely artistic level, but man, they are weird when worn in real life.

  2. She always looks like she is trying to hard…bored with her repetitive boho edgy looks. Would love to see her in something modern yet classy.

  3. Vaishali Shadangule designs I can sum it up like this—You take any traditional saree,cut it ,twist it,texturize it ,layer it ,drape it,knot it etc etc in gimmicky ways and sew it somehow.Sometimes we get to see all elements like surface textures,creative patterns,layering etc etc going all together in one garment,in the name of art and creativity.Horrid. It in the most weirdest way to give most disgusting looking silhouettes,fits and forms.95 percent of her designs are a joke and a handful of them look artistic,creative , balanced and nice.


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