Well Suited?

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Seen in sequin pantsuits were both Sona and Shriya at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival opening ceremony while I liked both their suits, preferred Shriya’s finishing touches. The retro inspired hairdo on Sona wasn’t as effective.

Shriya is wearing Genes Lecoanet Hemant.

Sona Mohapatra and Shriya Pilgaonkar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sona – Hair seems to be lesser of the problems. The fitting of the suit, the harsh make up… are all off. Its definitely WTHey of your categories.

  2. I’d love to see Sona’s suit reworn by someone in a sleeker cooler way.. she’s got some fit issues on hers. Just wish people would know a suit a gown a saree all need to be styled distinctively.. always.

  3. This boxy frame suits few people. I’m so bored by this wave after wave of styling trends that ALL of bollywood embraces at once. Its like now boxy suits are a trend, then sequins, then large gowns, then deep necks..and EVERYONE sports them – right from labels that flagrantly copy designs, to ill-fitting clothes labels force on them without a second of thought on if it suits them or not and how they will fare in it. Where is the variety? Where is the sensible styling? I’ve not had a WOW moment for a while now on these pages.
    Boxy blazers and pants are clearly hot rn. Both the outfits and cheap looking and poorly tailored.

  4. Sona’s gown has so much potential. May be a little more sharp edgy makeup would have nailed it. As it is now, it is just okayish. But full marks for the colour.


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