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Its great to see Soha sport a silhouette she doesn’t normally go with, just wish the dress was a little shorter and the stockings were given a miss! But how fabulous is that color on her!

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Soha Ali Khan At ’99’ Bash

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  1. she needs a stylist so desperately! and that hair, that hair… she needs to outgrow her mum complex and work that face for the 2000s. but then again i look at her bro and think maybe the ali khan kids are slow-learners…

  2. I’m so glad to see Soha looking GOOD after a long, long time. The color looks lovely on her. & for once she does not look bored or tired or dull. Granted the stockings and shoes and the hair need some (ok, a lot) help but I can excuse these “misdemeanors” for now.

  3. soha doesn’t seem to have a good equation with clothes. the only time she ever looked good was when she was in her underwear for the maxim photoshoot :). the tights and long lenght of the dress make her look wierd here.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks soha looks horrible , Her hair make up and the stockings ewww. I’m not even a great fan of her acting , she borders on unbearable.
    Although I know for a fact that most guys like her a lot hence her popularity remains and so is the case with katrina .

  5. last time i checked, it was hot up North, and freezing down here. So, why is she wearing stockings? ugly shoes.

    the dress length is horrible, the hair is horrible..sigh…the only thing that fits ur headingm “almost” is her colour and excited look. lol

    but u know, if i was given ONE thing to change, i would change the hair. THE HAIR WOMAN!!!

    @J…hey man, not only guys like Katrina, i reckon she’s hot too! well, in looks. acting, she’ll learn. come on, Abhishek had to give 17 flops to learn acting, i doubt she’s even been in 17 films! LoL!

  6. er…I sort of agree with J, although personality wise (read intelligence level), Soha faires much MUCH better
    color is great, length is wrong (I don’t think that she is too short to wear this-it’s just that length), stockings-yuck, hair is WRONG, makeup is bad, and whatever she had done to her face (chin job it is) was a horrible idea

  7. Soha is giving some tough competition to Vidya Balan. I cannot believe she gets it wrong each time. She has got to take some styling tips form her brother and mother.
    Dress is pretty, just not pretty on her. Stocking…what was she thinking?

  8. I’m not sure about the rest but I like pantyhose- it elevates an outfit to a whole new level, aside from hiding scars, cuts and uneven sskin tone. I am not sure as to why many posts here decry pantyhose! I agree it gets ripped easily and might even get a little warm (iunless its silk), but the air of formality and chic modesty it gives to an outfit is priceless! Even Barbara Walters wore it out of respect for Michelle Obama (though, ironically, Obama herself skipped wearing one:))…
    And I like the length too- very Lana Turner!
    The hair though, could be less messy, esp since the rest of the outfit is worn so formally!

  9. deewani and Neha, I do NOT give advice to people, only bold faced lie to their faces and tell them HOW LOVELY YOU LOOK DARLING….Sorry, dont want to get killed by all…..

  10. Great hair. Side part is better on her. I actually love the stockings. Maybe edgier shoes could make them work better. Like black Bianca Loubs.


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