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Wearing a Gucci Spring 2023 runway look, Sobhita attended an event today in Mumbai. The exposed G-string (a reference to Tom Ford’s original logo design from ’97) wasn’t really one that I cared for. Some looks work better in photoshoots than in real life and this to me was one. I also didn’t get the thought process behind picking this outfit for this event. I can see it make sense at a fashion-related event.

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Sobhita Dhulipala

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not a bad look… she, i think, fares better than anyone else if they tried the same… that being said, she seems to mirror Deepika Padukone more and more!!!

  2. If you want to show off your g string, Atleast don’t dress so glam and all one toned.. those underwear straps look like old cassette strips popping out. While earrings look like horse ear flaps. Sorry for the mean words, but yeah.

    • The leather belt loops are fortunately attached to the pants, and not the underwear. Thank Heavens! Her discomfort may not be due to underwear tightly being pulled up !!!


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