So You Think You Can Dance, Bollywood Style?

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Well, Joshua and Katee can and can do it very well. Check them out performing to “Dhoom Taana” from “Om Shanti Om” on today’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance?”

P.S. Thanks “Naina” for sending this to us!


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  1. For some reasons I couldn’t watch the videos here. The dance was indeed amazing. Slowly everybody will watch Hindi films all over, and I had some friends from different countries with whom my conversation would start with Hindi films.

  2. That was UNBELIEVABLE. It was different from what I expected and I don’t think Nigel realizes that the stuff that looks like hip hop is probably hip hop not traditional “bollywood”.. and its amazing how there is a “bollywood” style of dancing ahha. I loved how they performed it it was so awesome to watch.

  3. Absolutely LOVED it! I dint know Bollywood dancing was a category at SYTYCD. Its good to see it become a part of such a mainstream American show.

  4. very cool…they did a very good job
    oh how I wish Bollywood preformances (as in award shows) were this detailed and well choreographed

  5. awesome…Vidya Balan should take some lessons from them. Watching this amazing performance should put a few Bollywood stars to shame.
    Only problem is English people think this is Indian cultural dancing whereas it isn’t, its Bollywood dancing which is taken from all around the world when choreographers watch MTV mostly hip-hop and infuse it with some traditional steps. It’s not Indian traditional dancing, infact far from it. But it sure is energetic and fun filled.

  6. OMG !! i am clapping infront of my mac!! awesomenessssss!!!
    wow they are doing it better than any indian ever!!! WOW WOW WOW.. i have goosebumps now!

  7. Superb, both the choreography and the execution. They were rythmically fantastic!!! The choreographer used some Bharatanatyam steps as well – which is something we rarely see in Bollywood these days, Bollywood has become more hip-hop. I guess they would have found facial expressions hard, as most western dancers do, but expressed beautifully with their bodies.
    Bollywood dancing is not cultural Indian dancing, period. Any classical or even folk form needs so much more.

  8. That’s awesome, its great to see a part of Indian culture (I would argue that Bollywood is a part of Indian modern culture as much as Hollywood is a part of American modern culture) AND it was a great dance based on the merit of coreography and technique.

  9. That was amazing! So I’ve never watched non-desi do Bollywood dancing… but this shows just how much better it can been done.! Wow…good one!

  10. Save for a few, Bollywood dances these days are as Indian as McDonalds. “Dhoom Tana” is an exception as it was based in the 1970s, beats,tune and all. So it was a good song to pick here to showcase Indian style on a western stage.

  11. I am sure tht ws bollywood dancing….n it has a lot of Indian cultural dancing(as some ppl think it ws not) it was not CLASSICAL if tht is wht dey meant….
    It was awesome, when d judges were talkin about it I felt dey were talkin about me/us……I mean i completely related to tht performance!!! I AM SO PROUD…

  12. @ SARAH
    I agree completely…..Vidya Balan ws disastrous at a recent award function wid her performance on a songs frm Bhool Bhulaiya!!!
    I ws almost angry y d hell ws she even dere!!


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