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Yay, she ditched the leggings (unlike, here, here and here) at the SATC premiere!

I prefer her look at the premiere over the Aza one, especially digging the necklace…

At Aza
At SATC Premiere

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  1. I don’t understand why she likes baggy dresses??? That necklace can be worked with chic dress styles too…I thot u guys would takethis up in Again & Again ( wears the same baggy dresses)…

    She too is in need of a stylist like a certain Ms.Balan…hmm, wot say??

  2. i think shes interesting..i saw her interview on TV once and she is very cultured and adventurous with cuisines,travel etc..a person to watch out for example the fab necklace!

  3. @ankita…yeah she def. seems like an interesting person, so her different way of dressing, well not really different, but you know what i man, gels well.

    btw why is she wearing stockings? isn’t it meant to be boiling hot in india at the moment? i mean, if she wore them to some event here in Aus, that’s understandable coz it’s FREEZING winter here! lol

  4. Sure, she has an interesting persona…but that doesn’t mean u wear disinteresting clothes…other than the famous “comfort” factor which I believe she would cite to explain her style…

  5. She’s gorgeous and a very trendy dresser…it’s just that she’s been caught in shapeless dresses recently. The black dress actually looks nice with the necklace and green jacket..this casual-comfy looks is a nice change from ‘can-barely-breathe-in-them’ skin-tight dresses!

  6. oh yes pixie, she def. does quirky better than kiran!

    btw, P&P…i have been waiting for photos from the Jodha Akbar Premiere from Cannes…basically what did Aish wear? I tried googling it, no such luck…?

  7. Love the necklace!!
    P&P – can you tell if the necklace is built into the dress? It looks like there’s embroidery matching the stones on the necklace…would love to know where its from.

  8. I adore Simone Singh completely. She has a beautiful persona. Her clothes are a little baggy but she still manages to look decent in them.

  9. I think it’s the camera lights plus the foundation that make her shine so much.
    Anything in a leather strap detail with geometric shapes hanging is by Marni. You should check out its website; the accessories are cute and fun, so are the dresses.

  10. Wow. She looks so GOOD. I just love her style. That being said, I would’nt mind if she changed it up a bit and wore something more fitted:P


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