A Dash Of Pink

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Karishma and Simone added a dash of color to their outfit by wearing pink pumps. Dig either or neither?

Karishma Kapoor
Simone Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


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  1. Karisma looks fabulous. She is wearing a hugo boss skirt from the current collection. I got myself one recently… 🙂
    No words for Simone. Its hard to compare when you are put up against a STAR.

  2. karisma’s is marginally better just bcuz seeing pink shoes with black tights makes the pink even more tacky than it already is

    but highlighter pink for shoes for me is a no-no

  3. Karishma for sure! I am tired of seeing Simone in leggings!
    Karishma’s pumps look divine with that black outfit…though she seems to prefer black for her clothes, she totally rocks this look with those hot pink pumps!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Simone’s dress and hair and makeup and MARC JACOBS(<3) bag and DRESS, but the tights and the shoes don’t go
    …Karisma looks scarily like a flight attendent- and how the hell do paparazzi get on a plane…
    her outfit is nice though, as are her shoes- but she looks so plasitcy that it’s hard for me to like her
    I’ve always liked Simone for having a distinct style, and I AM IN LOVE WITH HER DRESS- who is it by P&P, ladies (gentlemen)?

  5. Karisma looks good, but she is totally glammed up, and Simone has bare minimum make-up and still looks cute. So we can’t really compare. But yes, the pink shoes on Simone look bad.

  6. I prefer Simone- her look would be good with black shinny jeans as well…KK’s nothing out of the ordinary…The kind of outfit you could wear to work (sans the perky pumps)…..Besides, I think Simone’s prettier of the two…KK (and her sibling) look more like mannequins to be- insipid and ghastly pale…No offence intended…:)

  7. when i was younger i was totally mad about the whole boho look like what simone is wearing. now that i’m older, i love karishma’s polished outfits. i’m not ancient, btw, i’m around karishma’s age 🙂

  8. i like how they made they’re outfit more colorful and i like Simone dress, but i don’t like her pointy shoes
    I prefer Karishma’ shoes

  9. Karishma looks fab. Is she on some kind of diet that works only for her, I mean, look at her.. she looks as sexy and svelte as she did before she had a kid. Awesome. Love her shoes. Simone’s shoes don’t go with the outfit. Take off the tights Simone, you look gorgeous without them.

  10. Karisma looks like a sexy secretary while Simone looks good knees -up. She needs some color on her cheeks and the tights and shes need to go. Karisma looks pretty but her outfit is so over the top.

  11. dimple, Simone is a celeb, and a socialite in Bombay, she is also a very beautiful woman….married to Fahad Samar for 10 years, who has his own production company and is Ismail merchants newphew.

  12. karishma is almost always super chic… love her!
    as for this simone chick… if i were her, i probably would have paired that ensemble with some round toe flats or mary janes!

  13. anyday simone… such an individualistic dresser who knows how to play up her strengths…plus i have a weakness for boho chic…. karishma’s look is that of a mannequin, there’s no personality to make it interesting

  14. ohh man love d dress dat simone is wearing….vvry feminine n pretty!!she’d hav looked gd, hd she accessorized it differently!!n ooohhh, dose high-waisted skirts……


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