In Threes


Between the Nineties’ tribal-meets-girly, a throwback to Eighties and, the Twenties girl, we had Simone give us a lil’ bit of sartorial run through the ages skipping a decade or many in between of course. Think there was one look that Simone had it nailed?

There was a time Ms. Singh would blow us away with her style. Not so much anymore. While the blazer look worked (for her), the flapper one was much too costumey.

Simone Singh at Ellipsis Launch, Arola Restaurant Launch and Love wrinkle Free Harley Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. simone has never had a conventional sense of style..and as much as i find her pretty i always wondered how did people call her stylish?? she’s always in oversized clothes whc are not really cool or stylish either..i think she gets away wth a lot coz of her pretty face




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