Ditto: A Clutch Edition

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Both have it in hot colors, but the question is who made more of an impact with their accessory?

Update: The clutch is a French Connection. Thanks ‘RB’ and ‘Kavitha’ for the ID.


Left: Anusha Dandekar
Right: Shruti Hassan


French Connection Sunshine Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t like this whole “pop of color” look – especially when someone like Anusha who has like 8 different colors going on at the same time. I picked neither.

  2. I can’t digest the yellow jeans on Anusha but she somehow manages to pull it all off much better than Shruti. Not a fan of Shruti’s satin pink peep-toes.

  3. dont think either do enough justice to the clutch.. but i feel Anusha manages to pull it off.. its an FCUK clutch available in stores now, if anyone fancies it 🙂

  4. Go Anusha! although i agree the multicolour look is nice for a one-off novelty look, not really good to make a habit of it…. although, having said that – the new trend HAS managed to get her onto HHC, so good going?… i’ve confused myself.

  5. Anusha is the type of a girl who is in a mission to look bad, she has nice hair body eyes but she has to look bad , I think she is getting paid for looking bad , thank god she is wearing a bit of makeup nowadays I was tired of her Vaselin eyeshadow and makeup less face before

  6. @ me

    LOL I don’t think she’s on a ‘mission to look bad’ or even ‘getting paid to look bad’. I looked at some of her older posts, and she has her own funky style. I adore girls like her that aren’t afraid to mix and match and be adventurous with their clothes 🙂

  7. I dunno, I am so confused..lolz…I would have hated the look on Anusha maybe on someone else, but somehow, it all works on her. Having said that, it would have looked much better had she ditched the orange belt, it adds nothing to the outfit and would have been easier on the eye that way:)

  8. Don’t like either clutch much but I do like Shruti’s overall look much better than Anushka’s. It’s very causla yet chic…im loving it!


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