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Wearing a Topshop camisole with a pleated metallic skirt from Madison, Shruti attended the screening of her movie Behen Hogi Teri on Wednesday evening. Not a fan of the top and how it sits on her but the bigger issue here was her make-up.


Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Very unflattering! What’s with Bollywood’s obsession with unimpressive trends?? That skirt is an eye-sore and is making her look bulkier than she actually is. I remember seeing that skirt on alia, tamannah, a few others and now on her. Don’t they question their stylists and blindly follow trends? *smh*

  2. Shruti needs an intervention ASAP!! Her dressing and makeup have gone so far down the hill since her early days… She looks like a totally different person altogether.

  3. What’s wrong with her makeup ? I like this classic look on her. The lighting is just bad. I think it’s cool that she goes so natural compared to the other actors. Who cares if someone else has worn that skirt. I think you are nit picking. I respect that she goes against the flow and doesn’t care:

    • Well she is wearing a wrong color of foundation not blended well and very dry and caky creating a haze on her face for starters. Her eye brows are over drawn and sloppy. Its such a shame because she is generally such a cute gal..

  4. Agree with Ishani. She never cares and that is exactly what I like about her. She goes out & about with her friends in all the cities without caring a flying f**k.

    In this outing though, her makeup seems harsh not sure if it’s the lighting or a bad mix of foundation. She is usually makeup free in her outings seen so far. The top definitely could have better. The main thing I dislike here is the hair, she has such gorgeous hair and her it seems limp/short. Gorgeous girl, hope she gets back to good form. Sigh!


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