In Karen Millen


Wearing a Karen Millen, one of the brands that she favors much, Shriya attended the music launch of Life is Beautiful in Hyderabad.

This was a good look from Ms. Saran. Just wished she hadn’t worn those sandals with the dress.

Left: Shriya Saran at Life Is Beautiful Music Launch
Right: Karen Millen Floral Cutwork Dress

Photo Credit: Ragalahari


  1. Umm, disagree with the shoes. Pups or plateau would be to heavy, her choice was good & balanced out the etheral feel of the dress quite well.


  2. Actually the shoes are the last on my list of gripes – the first being that ridiculous stage make-up and then that weird constipated expression followed closely by the side-swept hair!


  3. She really needs to find a good make-up artist.Pronto.

    Also – what’s with the one-sided peekaboo bra in the middle picture:)


  4. The dress is beautiful but doesn’t suit her at all.
    She looks so artificial, tacky, vulgar… while she has such a beautiful face!

    She should definitely throw away her whitish make-up, that’s so ridiculous and ugly. She should use a foundation that fit her complexion. Being european I use a light foundation, but my Indian friend who’s very dark doesn’t care about that stupid “f*ir and l*vely” trend. She uses an “apricot shade” foundation that fits her complexion and enhance it. It makes me sooooo jealous of her glowy and radiant face…

    Sorry Shriya, you coud be beautiful, but know your assets and learn how to enhance your beauty instead of trying hard to look like a doll. Because in the end, You just look so cheap…

    And smiiiiile :)




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