Shreya: Now And Then

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I almost fell out of my chair seeing Shreya in this ensemble at the music launch of Race. Is this the same girl that wore white shiny tights to the music launch of Om Shanti Om??

While she didn’t get it completely right (the patterned opaque tights with the slip-ons), we are going to be nice and give her loads of credit just for trying!


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  1. i would rather u guys give her credit for her voice – which is good..rather than ridicule her sense of fashion! not everyone has a stylist !!

  2. behappy,
    yep, she is a good singer. Not denying that fact. But, she has to accept the fact that she is a celebrity now. She is famous and with being famous comes a little bit of being in the spotlight and being critiqued.

    It seems like she is making an effort in dressing a little better these days as is evident by this picture. All we are doing is acknowledging it!

  3. […] thought she kicked the habit of pairing crazy frocks with tights, but one look at her on the IIFA Green Carpet makes us think […]


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