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For the trailer launch of her upcoming web series, Shreya picked Rhea Pillai Rastogi to wear. With her hair in an updo, she rounded out the look with Curio Cottage jewelry.

Not sure what was worse, the pageant ready hair and make-up or that absolutely dated outfit that looks like it belongs in a pageant in the Nineties. Shreya deserves so much better!

P.S: You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Shreya Dhanwanthary At Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Trailer Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. P&P
    She doesn’t look awful at all
    I am sad to read such a scathing review
    I don’t know the movie I don’t know who she is but I know this for sure
    If it was one of the Bollywood elites this sighting would have been the best thing to have happened in 2021:))

  2. I think you are missing her point. You do seem to reserve your harshest comments for the newbies, while mainstream celebs get toned down critiques. Case in point: your critique of Deepika in Swapnil Shinde you cite above vs. this post. A “could’ve been so much better” review is a lot less harsh than one that has a “this is terrible” vibe. For example, this review seemed very toned down:

    Maybe an unconscious bias? In any case, it might do the blog good to pay heed to constructive criticism.

  3. I dunno which pageant you guys saw in the 90s but i dont think mid riff baring 2 piece gowns, lace and tie tops were a thing in that decade lol!

    when i think 90s pageant gown I’m thinking those satiny mermaid gowns, power shoulder ones, sequins gowns and cowl neck gowns!

    Not too crazy about the outfit but it doesn’t look dated at all!

    Just my perception of 90s fashion. I was born mid 80s so might be wrong here!

  4. I absolutely agree with the comments above. For the ‘elite’ celebs- there is no critique, just a post to let us know the clothes were sourced from by their stylist which I can get from any insta handle.
    But for the rest, suddenly the blog turns to a fashion crit.


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