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Ms. Kapoor wore a Fall 08 Surily dress to the screening of her movie recently and even if I do get on board with the dress, I can’t help but feel something’s off. Perhaps a nicer pair of shoes would’ve finished off the look better? Waist up though, she looks wonderful and the rich blue agrees with her.


Left: Surily Goel, Autumn/Winter 2008
Right: Shradha Kapoor At ‘Teen Patti‘ Screening


Shradha Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Rediff

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  1. Who cares about the footwear when the dress is so distracting? I don’t like that snakehead-like thing running across the chest. The model is rocking the dress, but not Shradha. This girl is really pretty, by the way. Like the cute pigtail!

  2. this look just isnt working for me at all. and shes an OK girl. no energy given out like ‘pdaervo’ says. the dress needs some serious ironing as well

  3. I think it’s the fact that the neck asymmetry isn’t balanced out with any dress asymmetry. It is in the model’s look though, which is why the model’s dress looks better, I think.


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