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Latest round of movie promotions had Shraddha wearing a plaid suit by Sezane. With her hair half-up, she rounded out the look with hoops and Steve Madden sandals. Not much to fault here, she made the separates work!

Shraddha Kapoor At Saaho Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. One of those few Bollywood ladies who doesn’t dye her hair several shades lighter or wear coloured lenses or heavy makeup to stand out. Most beautiful of all the Nepo gang IMO

  2. I’m sorry, but she does NOT make this look work at all! Sure, it looks lovely on her – as all her outfits do – but what of personal style? She lacks it entirely. It’s like a hanger wearing an outfit. A smiling mannequin. You need a certain air to carry clothes – to own them. (Suits, especially.) Shraddha has never accomplished that. Even when her dresses have been drop-dead gorgeous, she’s always been found standing awkwardly, her arms all limp about her, and she herself confused about posture and extremely conscious of herself. Honestly, it’s like she freezes seeing all the paparazzi cameras or something.

    • But may be thats how she is, shy and awkward with papparazi cameras around. No one is perfect. Why to be so judgemental to a person who looks just normal like most of us and is not oozing diva attitude like some of the other celebrities. P.S not a die hard Shraddha fan but I thought people are just mean towards softer looking celebrities.

      • Agree 100%
        its her personality. Not everyone has to be a overconfident diva and fake it all the time.
        I love how natural she is and so endearing too

        • Agreed. She isn’t a KJo protégé so that might be a reason she hasn’t been trained to exhibit that overconfidence. No offence to KJo or his protégés, just stating what I think.

      • I get what you’re saying, but take Dia, for example. She’s a soft-looking celeb, too. As is Tamannah. Yet, Dia exudes a self-confident, very empowered vibe. She celebrates her femininity. Tamannah always checks what she wears is authentic to her; she hardly ever gets it wrong. She, too, brings a self-assured vibe to all that she wears. Shraddha, while she has a more than decent dressing sense, always looks awkward, like somebody hired the wrong gal to model the clothes. Clothes are supposed to enhance your natural beauty. They have to look good on you. You have to carry them with pizzazz, not the other way round. But if all you end up looking like is a pasty background that can be blotted out, what’s the whole point? What do you bring to the outfit? It needs an element of zing, brought about only from the individuality or some trait of the self.

        Shy from the cameras, though? I seriously doubt it. Shraddha gave up her school education to star in movies. These star kids are brought up from day one to take over their parents one day. Of course, they can choose another route, but since she hasn’t, and judging from her life choices that acting is all she ever wanted to do, it’s highly improbable that she’s the shy type. The way I see it, she tends to go for the more ‘demure’ route. It can work well in her favour – if she tries. Because check out her last appearance in all black. I wouldn’t call it exuding any amount of shyness on her part. She has some sort of half-baked edgy confidence in that one.

        • I respectfully disagree with you. Being a star kid doesn’t automatically mean you can’t be shy. Everyone has an inherent personality. I wouldn’t compare Shraddha to Dia Mirza because Dia is a beauty pageant winner & title holder who has represented india abroad – hence she has been trained by some of the finest in the industry. Plus, she has years of experience. And Tamannah IMO is not a soft looking person. Just being fair skinned doesn’t make you a soft looking person. Rakul Preet is a fair-to-medium skin tone but she looks way softer. Maybe Shraddha just doesn’t like doing curated looks just like she doesn’t do heavy makeup & lighter hair color. Not a BHAKHT – purely my opinion. And I respect yours too.

          • I compared Dia to Shraddha because Dia’s one of the softest-looking people I’ve seen. And the above commenter called her a soft-looking celebrity – even though I don’t see her as one myself. Not because of their personality differences. But your point is a given. Dia has been trained by industry professionals. But so has everyone. (Do you know how long Shraddha has been part of the industry? She’s been present since her teens, and is now well over 30! If that doesn’t count as years, I don’t know what does.) The team of stylists includes a PR manager. They’re taught public speaking and interactions – that uniform exposure they all tend to relay to media outlets and to the general public is because of the same instructional briefing. Their interactions are just as much curated as their outer personas. And have you seen Shraddha in reality shows for promos? She is very vibrant and outspoken, then. Sure, she hardly has anything noteworthy, original or refined to say, but she talks and laughs out loud like it’s nobody’s business. I’m a shy person. And I’ve been called a stuck-up jerk for most of my life as a result – because I don’t speak much. I’m painfully camera conscious. And I’ve met other shy people in my life – they fall on a spectrum of variable behaviours. Shraddha does not count as having one. She just seems devoid of all personality. Well, Tamannah may or may not be a soft-looking celeb, but Rakul sure isn’t one. In any world. And it’s not that Shraddha doesn’t like heavy-handed make-up. Imagine her in a red lip: it won’t suit her. That’s why you seldom see her in such a look. Her skin tone will make her look harsh and gaudy. Not everyone is Katrina, that they look splendid without make-up, and with make-up, they reach a whole other level of beautiful. As for heavy-handed outfits, I’ve seen Shraddha in pretty ornate and polished looks myself. Many of her clothes I even liked, and I assure you, they were of the pretty heavily curated variety. Also, I have no idea what that word you’ve used in caps means. Lastly, I’m not looking for a fight. Just agreeing to disagree. (I respect your opinion, too. I’ve based my response upon an expansion of it.) In a pro-friendly way. :) Hope you have a nice day, God Willing. ^_^ Take care.

  3. Utterly disliking the over stressed cost she stole from dad Shakti Kapoor.
    I don’t know in what angle this “works”, if so I need an eye exam


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