In Just Cavalli


While we thought Shraddha looked great in this Just Cavalli dress with the suede pumps, having seen her do some quirky moves of late (remember the pink socks with the blue sandals?), we would have liked to see her add some spunk to this outfit. Perhaps by way of a contrasting clutch.

You like?

On an aside, Shraddha features in the Jan edition of Elle in Just Cavalli dresses. Makes us wonder whether the green one was one she got to keep? Anyone seen the full editorial?

Catch more pics from the event Here.

Left: Just Cavalli, Spring 2010
Right: Shraddha Kapoor at Filmfare Nominations Bash 2011

Shraddha Kapoor in Elle India Jan 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Elle Now


  1. who is this pretty girl ? I mean, model? actress? some actor’s daughter?

    I think the green dress wld have been nicer if not for the translucent aspect. Kinda looks like i can see through it.


  2. thats not an easy dress to wear and she made it work! I agree with kumar, hair and makeup should have complemented the outfit better.




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