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It was a Vvani By Vani Vats sari for Shilpa while filming on the sets of her television show. Wearing her hair down, she rounded out the look with a small bindi and traditional jewelry. Personally, the sari isn’t quite our cup of tea. But Ms. Shetty does make it work for her; she looked nice.

Shilpa Shetty On Super Dancer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The saree and the styling is too garish, Hindi serial heroine type. Speaking of Indian television, I was expecting you guys to do a review of Sobhita’s outfits on Made in Heaven. Or at least do an interview with Poornamrita Singh, the stylist? Her styling is oh so classy and different from the overdone Bollywood actors. Pretty please with cherry on top?

  2. im not hating on silpa , i honestkly really dont , But how on earth one could actually step out wearing this thing like why silpa why like reaklly why .. jesus . thats all .

  3. Why is so tacky???? Someone with so much money, hair to kill for, body to die for…and still sooooo tacky. Yikes. Money simply does not buy class.

  4. No, she does not make it work. Not at all. The blouse and frilly sari combo is so garish and tacky but right up Ms. Shetty’s alley.

  5. Isn’t this “busy” or “dated” or “dated hairstyle” or “too much going on” or “garish” or whatever people use when Madhuri Dixit does something similar, that when Madhuri has THAT face and smile !!


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