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Wearing a Surily G sari, Shilpa filmed latest episode of her reality television show. Her accessories included Sangeeta Boochra jewelry and sandals by Oceedee. No one better than Ms. Shetty to work a look such as this, no denying that. But at this point it just feels both repetitive and forced… Wish the sari drape was a touch more relaxed and not as intent on showing off the fringe on the blouse in its entirety.

Shilpa Shetty On Super Dancer Sets

Shilpa Shetty On Super Dancer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t think this is really fair… If the sari drape was traditional, you would have been ki the fringe isn’t showing enough… She does look amazing, no denying that.

  2. There’s a parallel universe in which baffling outfits make perfect sense. That’s where most of our esteemed celebs and Bollywood stars live. Our nitpicking makes no difference because we judge them by our standards that just don’t apply to them :)

  3. First the hideous saree-gowns and now this????

    She and Malaika are two women who have fab bodies, but no sense of style. Surprisingly, given their celeb status, both manage to pick the most unflattering and tackiest of outfits every single time! Maybe their svelte figures give them the confidence that they can pull off anything? But sadly, NO!

  4. This is such an eyesore, especially after having seeing a post with Dia in it, who always looks classy and on point. And as if the outfit is not enough, she always makes it even tackier by thrusting out a hip to the side to appear more curvaceous. That’s as annoying as Kareena’s constant sucking in of the mouth.

  5. If Shilpa is thrust on me, I will have to endure. What cannot be cured, I will dissect.

    Everything is wrong with the way she pulls it. She could have remained with blouse and plain Saree, and it would have worked.
    But no, she put in ghastly fringes, cowries, chunky ring, earrings, and fake eyebrows, and white sandals. In between she tack shows off the waist, poses like a sixteen year doing the selfie. I admit she has a toned bod at any age, but sadly age does creep up on skin tone and in other ways. It starts to creep out people when 4o plus women refuse to let go of their teens, resulting in the sour sixteen effect. Forties are an age where you generally have it all in place, and realize it is worth living in the moment than channeling forties when you are in your seventies.

  6. Will this woman ever age? How does she look so young all the time? Looking more youthful here. I honestly dont know what all the negative comments are about but I guess everyone have their opinions so… I think shilpa looks great. She has a great body and all clothes just looks great on her. She experiments a lot and it works in her favour although I doubt any of the clothes she wears will look as good on anybody else. Maybe I am in the 1% but if you read this shilpa, continue rocking all those different outfits. I works for me and it works for you.

  7. Not her best look neither her worst. Like that she tied her hair which she normally lets loose given that the earpieces and blouse calls for attention.


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