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Wearing a sari-inspired number by Label D, Shilpa filmed an episode of a television show recently. Assorted silver jewelry and sandals by Truffle Collection rounded out the actor’s look.

Though she might have worn it well, the outfit itself was pretty par for the course. We’ve seen Ms. Shetty do a version of this look many times before and so, excuse us while we go same ol’ same ol’.

Shilpa Shetty On Super Dancer Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Instagram

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  1. …’sari – inspired number’?… Children dressed up in their mom’s sari for school day functions show better inspiration! That slit seems to travel all over.

    I so wish to see her in a simple linen with her hair tied and no belts!!!

  2. Oh god! Shilpa’s awful dressing is relentless. Stop wearing these sari inspired dresses/gowns – they are not fashion forward, cool or different. they are just ugly and depressing. I feel Bollywood ladies should get a Style 101 lecture when they join the industry!

  3. There’s too much of Shilpa shetty, her “modern” silly sarees, cheap waist belts and that one hip out pose over here. All in the name of TV show? Probably they should learn from west on how to keep it simple yet stylish and not just dress up for Diwali everyday!!!!

  4. Honestly, we can skip these posts. There is nothing new and nothing inspiring. Am sure there are other people who make a better attempt and may be cover them? For more regional fashionista’s you could write a post asking people for suggestions/celebrities who are doing well in their space.
    For e.g I liked 2 of recent Samantha’s outing Masaba and Anamika Khanna. I do like Arthi Ravi’s styling.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Samantha wore the best look of every designer. Only 1% of South celebrity sightings are covered here. Lots of it we don’t get to see here.

  5. Such an awful that won’t find any takers besides her.
    Such strange dated dresses.
    They belong in the mythological TV serials of the 80’s /90s

  6. There she is back wearing her favorite sari dhoti gown outfit. She loves those to a venegence. The only reason she muct like wearing this weird fusion is because she might be comfortable dancing in those.

  7. Here’s one actress who refuses to go away. Everything is OTT; a screechy voice, cheshire cat grin, exaggerated eyebrows, harrowing hair extensions, and eye-blinding bling. Someone save us from this relentless torture fest please!
    Thank you, next!

  8. P&P please stop featuring her fr awhile at least…her style is an assault on her senses and its the same kind of saree style that she keeps repeating. We need a break from SS.


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