In Elliatt

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For the taping of her show, Shilpa suited up in Elliatt. A chunky chain-link necklace and pair of Zara pumps rounded out her look. The suit sure made for a change in pace. Like the look on her?

Shilpa Shetty


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her hair bothers me. Always center parted with waves..Can she please change her hairstyle for once. With access to the best stylists why would someone always have this same old look

  2. Doesn’t work! Too many competing elements between the chunky necklace, black thread and black shoes.Its a case of pant suit styled like a desi outfit.

  3. She looks too processed… overly styled hair.. too much makeup… probably it was for a TV show and still pictures make it look like too much makeup.
    The chunky necklace wasn’t required, but it’s her – so everything has to be jhatak-matak

  4. I have looked at this picture for a while, I can not pinpoint what is bothering me about this picture something is not right. The whole outfit shoes and hair but I don’t know what is bugging me. Something is missing.

  5. And the elf, albeit a very tall one heads to St Patrick’s day get together. But wait… It’s only October.
    Oh wel…

    Good part about Ms Shetty is there are no surprises here. Stead fast narration on the Gaudy, blingy OTT memo at every sighting, consistency is key!
    Oh well again.

  6. Same old same old … lot of style but still her true personality never come across past her gaudy clothes …to stay relevant in the coming years she needs to change her style and be more relatable …everything about what she wears screams ‘tailor made look by a stylist’

  7. Can Shilpa ever go wrong with pantsuits? Shilpa has a great figure to pull this off with ease. I would skip that neckpiece. The color looks AMAZING on her.


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