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For her appearance at a recent event, Shilpa picked Jacquemus to wear. With her hair slicked back, she rounded out the look with an Anaqa choker and Lucy Choi pumps.

We love ourselves some Jacquemus spotting and, Shilpa wears this look well. But it has to be said, what an odd decision to wear this look to a press event for a probiotic drink (that she endorses).

The event and outfit are so mismatched! It’s almost like she saw the separates, fell in love and decided she’s wearing it out right away. In which case, I can relate and my local Starbucks barista can attest. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. Considering how well she fared in it, wish she had saved it for another event!

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Absolutely loved this Boss Lady look of hers. More than the outfit I felt the choker was out of place. It was too hi-brow for the event. Nevertheless she looks fit and healthy and can sell not just probiotics but the whole healthy foods it there.

  2. Since the issue about the appropriate outfit was raised now I am wondering what should one wear when she has to go for a press event for a probiotic drink? Yoga pants, jeans, Kurta, sari, dress, casual outfit? I’m at lost but having seen other pictures and videos of this event I think she was right at home with the other suited men and she looked so damn good at it too. Shilpa has really upped her style game and credit has to go to her stylists Mohit and Sanjana as well.

    • Appropriate, was keeping in mind how ms Shetty turns up in funny stuff or ends up making normal outfits loud n silly. Not particularly general appropriation of dress code for a said event.

  3. god! cant believe im saying this… shes god damned beautiful. dont care for the suit type she tried on, but a bit of decency brings back all the attention to her

  4. She is the best to endorse fitness & health. She looks great! Would rather take this over how people show up in airports like a runway or looking shabby at their own movie screening. ;-)

  5. Great outfit aside she is just GOALS. Shilpa has completely reinvented herself from her 90s styling and her fitness is top level. Who better than Mrs Health and Fitness herself to be the face of this product.

  6. The suit looks good on her but pairing it with the necklace is what makes it ‘seem’ event-inappropriate .. Also the last picture looks funny seeing a tall woman drinking from such a tiny container :D


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