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At the IPL auction, spotted an exotic Birkin on Ms. Ambani and a Hermès Kelly on Shilpa (it was a Birkin for her at the last auction)…

And to see which other actress added two Hermès bags to her bagdrobe, you’ll just have to look inside, won’t you?

Shilpa Shetty (Left) And Neeta Ambani At IPL 4 Auction, Bangalore

Kareena Kapoor it is! She’s been spotted with a Hermès Evelyn (a cross-body) and a Birkin HAC (the brown bag at the airport)…

Not a fan of either bag! You?

Kareena Kapoor
Left: At A Party
Right: At Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Mid-Day, Day Life

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  1. I really like Neeta Ambani, i think this women set’s good example , that even with all that money she always dress very apporiate, never act so cheap.
    She’s very classy person.
    She’s one women beauty and brain.

  2. Shilpa’s is the only one I like and it’s the only one that goes with the rest of her look. Kareena’s on the left does not look like it’s worth that much money – the buzillion dollars it must’ve cost her. Mrs. Ambani – bleh.

  3. I have got the same Hermes Eveyln bag. The same color. A gift from my husband. and trust me , the bag looks so cool for a casual day out or while travelling.

    Simply love it.

  4. Shilpa is looking good and Neeta Ambani seems a lot more stylish that Tina Ambani. And Shilpa and Neeta have similar shaped eyebrows actually.

    On kareena, the brown sling bag is OK. I think the LV might be what she won in KWK.

  5. Whoa!!! i love the sling bag on Kareena…. So different from the regular name bags…. And thank god for her not carrying the bags on her arm……
    I wonder, how come these ladies dont have a major wrist pain, what with carrying those heavy bags on the arm on the time..

  6. shilpa looks awesome. thanks guys for finally putting her pic. i was waiting for the pic on her anniversary at dubai but u guys only put amisha’s. thumbs down guys. neeta ambani looks alil vain to me.


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