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A deeper shade in another color would have won our vote, but this orange we don’t like. You?


Shilpa Shetty, ITA Awards


Christian Louboutin Ainoeud Tortoise Clutch ($1060)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


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  1. I like that she looks healthy: her hair, her skin, her frame.

    as for the dress, she pulls it off well, although it seems like a beach dress, something I would wear during spring/summer, and not mid-December, but she’s in Mumbai, so it makes little difference.

    I would have also liked her ensemble a lot more if she had shown less cleavage and let subtlety do the talking.

  2. leave alone shilpa, ever wonder where her sister gets her stuff from? for that matter, there are so many random people, semi-famous or famous-by-association who are featured on this website who own ridiculously expensive belongings, and you just wonder how they managed it.

    in shilpa and shamita’s case, i think it’s cuz they’re from a wealthy family. have you seen their mum? she looks like quite an uppity aunty.

  3. I would’ve liked this dress to be shorter, above the knees…. the color is HOT on Shilpa!! And as always, her styling is close to impeccable (barring the longness of her dress).

  4. With regards to her money..when you have a millionnaire British fiance..AND a No 1 perfume AND a show on TV plus some British appearances where you are earning in pounds..
    dont think id be short either.PLUS ive heard her family isnt doing too badly either.

  5. I like the color!
    The dress is ok, the clutch is fine and her Barbie Doll hair annoys me but I can deal because as madhu made me realize I LOVE this because Shilpa is not blinged out!
    SEE! Pretty girls look the best when they go the minimalist route- it lets their face (and not their bling) stand out

  6. hmmm…she looks allrght…gown is more like nightgown…but all of her looks are like whatever..nothing ever stands out or looks unique…and yaah the barbie hair is kinda annoying.

  7. isnt her bod amazing? she is so toned, her cleavage and arms look fabulous and she carries herself so effortlessly well. *note to self: dont miss pilates tomor*

    also, i love her spontaineity. she hasnt got the best of facial features but she is so comfortable in her skin. like a hollywood starlet. Not like the “i look good sideways with one hand over the other and one leg in front wooden faced priyanka pose”.

    her style sense is okayish.. more of bollywood bling element in it which she has to tone down,

    and that clutch is DIVINE

  8. ya and @ everyone reg her money…
    i think she does more moolah than everyone else with her international appearances.. her perfume, yoga dvd, tv shows (she was paid crores for big boss II), millionaire beau etc etc.. im so happy for her!

  9. @ preeths agreed 100 per she makes loads of money on her own british finacial times said she made 2 million pounds in 2008 alone so she makes money from diffrent things not just acting


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