1. The black and white one . Even though it’s busy and there’s a lot going on ….. I rather like it . Not that I’m fan of Shilpa’s sense of fashion but she’s able to carry that sari quite well

  2. I think the sarees are stylish and she looks great in them.
    I love that she tries something new and is able to carry them off.
    Most people would look like a disaster in a sari blouse with prairie sleeves.

  3. There is a certain cheapness to this look that takes vulgar to a whole new level. The belt looks so awkward and ugly. Total tack fest. And I truly think she believes she looks good in this atrocious styling that only she can own and actually flaunt.

  4. wow, why is she getting so much flak? calling her cheap and tacky?
    To be honest a lot of what she wears is not my cup of tea but I would not call her style cheap and tacky.

  5. The black and white might have been salvageable without the belt. The red sari is hideous with or without the belt. I dont get her fascination for belted saris.

  6. Leather saree, just the thought makes me uncomfortable, cringe.. “Fashion” taking a garment known and loved for its comfort and finding ways to change that for worse… lol….


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