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Shilpa and Vaani attended the Femina Beautiful Indians event about a week ago wearing metallic gowns with the former wearing a silver sequin one from Mohr and the latter, a Lamé one from Pucci featuring a printed halter tie.

Didn’t care for either gown. What aout you?

Shilpa Shetty and Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor in Pucci

Photo Credit: Facebook/Femina

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  1. If I were a stylist I would love to style both Shilpa and Malaika away from the zhatak matak/apsaara style/WTHyyy/bulging overloads and give them both clean cuts /classy simple silhouette/timeless styles. And what a revelation they would both be !!

  2. Vani looks sexy, it’s a flowy outfit on her. Shilpa has a sexy figure but never in clothes that accentuates it, rather cheapen it.

  3. Vani looks lovely, she aces the gown, looks stunning on her.
    Shilpa looks blingy and tacky – must say that she is always so true to her style, and of course the horrendous accessories to bling it more!


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