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Before heading out to Delhi for an event, Shilpa grabbed brunch with her family in Mumbai and was seen wearing a Johanna Ortiz look from the Resort 2019 collection with studs from Flower Child By Shaheen Abbas. After looking at the collection, it looks like the red belt was an addition and tucking part of the bow a deliberate effort. A move you approve?

Shilpa Shetty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. No don’t approve. The horrible red belt and horrible red shoes take away from the softness of the look. Shilpa is really the opposite of my fashion soul sister :-p

  2. Not always necessary to accessorize, not always a look need to ‘pop’ up. The dress is very feminine, n by adding broad belt, the softness is gone. Don’t mind the footwear though.

  3. What is this lungi? It looks so difficult to wear and handle… it looks like a skirt got stuck to a bike’s wheel and lost the battle!

  4. Very odd outfit made worse by the addition of the belt. Looks like a sarong wrapped stylishly on the shirt. IMHO would look better if the shirt was cut off at the waist or with a bodysuit underneath the flowing ribbon-y fabric.

  5. Maybe I am in the minority, but I like Shilpa’s styling more than the runway. The red belt adds definition between the undershirt and the skirt. This is probably one of fav Shilpa’s outfit. Hair and makeup are nice and breezy.

    I like it!


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