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I don’t understand this look. Did Shilpa layer her dress with a mesh tee? In which case, why not just pick a more modest choice to begin with? Did the dress come like that? In which case, why? And the choice to pair it with strappy white sandals, as if the graphic lines of the dress weren’t enough. Look, in a sea of questionable choices, is this the worst we’ve seen? Perhaps not. But it made me do a double-take so hard, I almost want to bring back WTHeyyy!

Shilpa Shetty At A Book Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This maybe the worst dress I’ve ever seen . Who designed it ? Why is she wearing it ? When will she burn it ?

  2. Some shoddy ‘designer’ from the 80’s created it but couldn’t she have said no way ! The fact that she wore it implies she liked the dress which is a mystery to me..what made her like this atrocity? Or is it that her taste is rooted in the 80’s bollywood Masala fashion?

  3. It’s definitely not fashionable but don’t think it’s the worst we’ve seen, there’s plenty of awful stuff showcased in this site. It’s hardly on the same page as some of the monstrosities that regularly feature here. What it is, is baffling – that SS would wear it. It looks ghastly boring and plebian, as if she was sent back by the school teacher to wear more modest clothes and we are used to seeing her in far more risque outfits. I almost find it endearing, SS wearing a dress like a young girl from some conservative school.

  4. This looks like something the neighborhood darji would make in the 80s after you gave him a cutout from a trendy magazine and your mom told him to make it modest. The only thing missing is plastic earrings to go with it.

  5. If this book launch was in Bombay, I imagine she would have sweated buckets in this dress. But this is a jaaliwaala dress, so it may have been a boon in disguise, hahah.

  6. Haha that 80s home designer who dreamed of entering NIFT by ground breaking designs of stitching machardani(mosquito net) and left over denim. That color of denim is so 80s, it actually brought smile to my face. What the hey but over all a hilarious post coz of nostalgia.

  7. Haha the funny sighting of 9f Shilpa, this comment and the response was sooo funny. Got me laughing loudly.

    Ms shetty is a WTHeyyyy pin up poster girl with almost every other look falling in íthis category, Wud love if p&p made that category come back was, brings in so much humor when we get that.wtheeyyyy award doled out occasionally

  8. She walked out of a 90s Govinda song set and time travelled to 2023 accidentally.

    There is no other plausible explanation for this atrosity/monstrosity.

    What the heck!


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