In Arpita Mehta


Opting for a sari was Shilpa at the AsiaSpa Aawards wearing one by Arpita Mehta with pearl Renu Oberoi jhumkis and a silver clutch. I would’ve preferred a beige clutch instead of the metallic one but there is no denying she worked every bit of that ruffle sari!

Shilpa Shetty at AsiaSpa Awards 2018

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Not too fond of that blouse tie up but the saree is really lovely and she looks good in it. The earrings and bangle should have been subtle. They’re taking away from the saree.

  2. beautiful saree.. but she should have gone easier on the foundation .. looks like she tried to match it to the saree colour :/ !

  3. Gorgeous saree. For the first time, loving the ruffles on it. After a really long time, liked contemporary twist to a saree. Under eye makeup issue aside, Shilpa looks stunning!

  4. There she goes! Ruined such a beautiful saree with her shilpa-esque ways – big hair, one boob show and garish jewelry. I can see this saree stand out with a sleek ponytail, lavender-pink lip and diamond studs. The busy blouse with the gaudy baubles that she is sporting are together taking away from such a subtle vibe of the saree.

  5. Only Shilpa can bring down this lovely sari with her tackiness which starts with the boob show, hair, make up and accessories.

  6. Shilpa Shetty reminds of one of those aunties who I admired growing up, they always look so youthful, fashionable, stylish with fabulous make up on, who I looked up to wishing to be like when I grow up. Now as a grown woman see them in parties and admire how still they look the same. But somehow this insistence of staying the same makes them looking dated with same big hair, arched eyebrow,same eye make up and all as if they can not let go the time of prime of their youth. After this Mahabharata, all I wanted to say that Shilpa is too pretty a lady and this fab bod of her needs time awareness that might inject freshness she lacks so much.



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