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Get through a day without some tie-dye? Nope, not yet. Latest ones to be sporting the trend du jour- Shilpa and Tara! I do have to say of the two, prefer Shilpa’s jumpsuit over Tara’s separates.

Shilpa Shetty (Left) And Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Somepart of the world some shop was having a shop closure sale, was offering their tie and dye stuff for a dollar or a pound, our B brigade bought them in bulk. I am unable to figure out any other reason for this stupid trend day.

    • You forgot to mention “Some two bit HW celeb was shopping the close out sale!” Only if THAT happens or BW celebs will flock to it 🙂

  2. There is no end to this. Is there?? I have an old tie die t shirt and I probably won’t be wearing it anytime soon.

    Shilpa’s look fine but those shoes don’t go with this.

  3. Shilpa looks really good here! I like that jumpsuit, I guess tie-die is the go to trend this summer? Tara looks nice too bar those horrendous shoes..

  4. Yeah its ugly and unbearable now, but we will see them in these until the next copying trend comes by, in times of mindless biopics and remakes and remixes, its apt their fashion too is a cheap copy 🙂

    of course these Desi divas will not do BANDHANI the original beautiful tie-dye.

    Sadly they will beat this trend to death until some two bit Hollywood or pop music diva wears something else ugly and then our faithful andhe BW celebs will begin copying that trend 🙂
    ANYTHING to look feel and act phoren, like torn jeans, chahe sense bane ya nahi… LOL!

    • No, they will not wear our beautiful fabrics. For them to wear our own desi fabrics, the trend has to start on foren land.

  5. Starting to think the bloggers don’t really care about fashion or style. It’s just brand and celeb spotting with some token comment thrown in once in a while if it is a B-lister. The commentary back in 2007/08 was so much better…was sharp and witty. Now it’s just meh.


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