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Shilpa and Malavika were seen wearing Manish Malhotra’s sequin sari in wine-hued shades recently. Question is, do you prefer Shilpa’s version with the sleeve trains or the simpler one on Malavika.

Shilpa Shetty and Malavika Mohanan
in Manish Malhotra

Photo Credit: Instagram

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    • Bang on!

      On another note, P&P please stop describing to us what we can obviously see or go with the customary ‘she wears it well’. Its ironic when we go straight to the comments for some fun.

    • Such a question will invite massive downvotes 🙂 Yes there is nothing “designer” Shilpa’s saree looks like Lady Gaga’s meat outfit

    • Correct. That’s the first thing I noticed when spotted Shilpa’s saree on instagram- quality of sequins. This fabric shouldn’t be more than Rs.500-600 per mts. I once asked for the tiny ones on mesh to get an idea about manufacturing cost of sequin dresses we see at H&M n Zara stores n their profit margins. Rs.700 was the price of tiny sequins on mesh fabric. Also decent quality sequin saree is price at Rs.18-20k in stores like Meena Bazaar. Better to fetch fabric n get the finishing done from any tailor if one has the accessibility. Simple!

      • It’s not about the garment per se, though this may be hand embellished unlike store bought fabrics.

        It’s visual marketing. The whole presentation will be enough to send folk off for similar items on Amazon or make their own.

        • @AM, your second para is an answer in itself. Whole purpose of ‘visual marketing’ is diluted if such visuals are unable to create prospective pull of customers, instead getting diverted to far cheaper options. Even though target audience by designers is obviously upper class, if there is no ‘designer’ element, no uniqueness in their creations, I wonder how many would actually shell out money to buy regular run out of the mill stuff, except inner circle of Bollywood ladies. Plus, designer wear for many have aspirational value. Women who are getting good salary packages don’t mind spending Rs.3-4L on designer piece if they are getting married. Many opt for Gaurav Gupta, Amit Aggarwal’s gowns as they do stand out.

          • I think whether it is basic saree, basic tee or jeans, certain people go for labels. If you want a basic sequin saree, you shell out for an MM.

            The cheaper versions float around on e-websites and while sequin fabric is nothing new, what is featured in these sites is deinitely influenced by Bollywood.

            Personally I detest “designer” sarees but the comment that yeh to koi bhi dukan mein milega misunderstands how fashion works I feel.

            PS: MM has a particular style that I don’t think is confined to Bollywood.

  1. I think its really sexy in a classy way, especially Malavika’s version but with one catch – should be draped properly!
    That she kept her jewellery sleek is really nice. I’m tired of the “statement” necklaces, jhumkas, tikas and what not…

    • True. So very tired of ott jewellery pieces. I don’t mind sequin sarees if paired with minimal jewellery like you mentioned. Let saree be the ‘focal point’. Looks elegant enough.

  2. I like Malavika’s version a tad better, because of the colour. The sari looks beautiful, very sculpted yet flowy, if that makes sense. The draping and posing of both are questionable though.

  3. If u zoom into Malvika s saree, u can see the embellished border and some leafy/petal like work at the bottom of the pallu. Its not just a sequin fabric. Its a lovely saree

  4. The only glimmer of hope here is maybe a new paan masala award night can be made based on Shilpa’s posing ? Chamakta sitara award trophy maybe ?

  5. I would disagree on the whole conversation about what is designer about the saree in general comment. I am not a fan of Manish Malhotra but I would like to ask who were wearing sequin sarees just a couple of years back? The designer about it is to think this cheap fabric can look good in the form of a saree. Yes after seeing a creation its easy to say, we get this for so much and our local tailor can make it. Of course they can…..but only after seeing this from a designer.


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