Of Outings: Part Deux

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Oversized was the theme for Ms. Dandekar at the Netflix event where she was seen in a leather top and pants paired with an oversized blazer and her oversize BV pouch. She looked frumpy and there was nothing to like here.

Shibani Dandekar at Netflix Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Bore off Shibani.
    Nobody is interested in this grand of styling. It’s not remotely interesting or innovative.
    When you start wearing every single piece of clothing oversized, it’s really just a matter of time till you show up in a garbage bin bag.

  2. Hopeless. She’s worn everything that’s left over from the laundry basket and then plopped the hair on top as an after thought.
    So unkempt and not at all in a nice way. Not quirky, or boho or stylish or casual….but Just plain weird.

  3. Shibani’s signature look stays true to its principles.

    Oversized – check
    Frumpy – check
    Unkepmt hair – check
    Overall zombie vibe – check

  4. I don’t understand the hate here. At least she has a unique style, granted I can never pull this off. But I think she does, it’s her version of grunge. She’s wearing something she’s comfortable with. I take this over another over-styled, over bronzed mini with cutouts any day.

    • I mean, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Why would you take this over the bronzed minis?
      You can just take neither…
      There is such a thing as a middle…

  5. The slouchy look is great when done well. This is just confused. The jacket looks like it’s linen? If you chose leather pants and a corset, then go all the way and pair it with a motorcycle jacket. Even if several sizes too big, it will still all be in the same family. Then the red lip would have worked as well?

    But here you have a linen jacket, some diamond bling as necklaces, leather corset and pants, a red lip and sandals? How is this supposed to come together as a look?

    Once you at least get the basic look together, we can then figure out hair and bags. Here just looks like she rummaged in her closet for random stuff.


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