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Wow, this week has seen quite a bit of WTHeyy posts and the week is still not over! Today, we post Mr. Shekhar Suman who just killed us with his attempt at the jodhpur look!

Someone sure could take some lessons from Mr. Bal as to how to get the look right! A Nehru jacket and fitted jodhpurs make such a vast difference!

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  1. actually jodhpurs can look cool on skinny people.. Bal is looking good coz of the attitude..Shekar’s coat reminds me of a pillow cover and those shoes look old?? or not polished!


  2. I love jodhpurs-but there is only a certain body type that can carry it off, rem Nina manuel? Back in school and later in college I loved wearing my jodhpurs coz I was skinny but wouldnt dream of wearing them now.Shekhar Sumar looks hideous-who is his tailor-he should be out of business very soon!As for Mr.Bal he doesnt look good but he manages to carry it off as he oozes confidence and has stuck to a FITTED solid colour jodhpur


  3. Hideous is an understatement for Suman.
    Bal looks only marginally better.
    They could look so much better if they wore something a little more suited to their bodies and age…

    I’d laugh my ass off if i ever saw my boyfriend or any guy friend dressed like that. And can imagine most women doing the same. That says something doesn’t it?


  4. MC Hammer and his jodhpur like pants aren’t the same thing as what Bal is wearing.
    Jodhpurs are a part of a certain Indian culture. They do not need to be just remembered due to what MC Hammer did.

    As I mentioned before, I love Jodhpurs. But not everyone can pull them off.

    I’ve seen Rohit Bal pull it off on numerous occasions. The other picture that comes to mind is a white outfit on the runway. And also, Farhan Akhtar has pulled it off on the ramp as well.

    Then there’s Nina Manuel.

    But at the same time, I’ve seen some models *not* pull it off on the ramp–now that may be the models or the design.

    Then there are the riding Jodhpurs–which is a little altered, which also look good on some but not on others.

    But again, since so many people are hating on Jodhpurs, I will just say it again.

    I think Jodhpurs are a great piece of clothing. Just not everyone can pull them off–like skinny jeans.


  5. the ones NinaM wears are jodhpur “inspired” a big difference…as they are not as balloony on the thighs…RohitB….well is he trying to be the Ralph Lauren of Indian fashion?




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