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Couple of months ago, during the promotions of her movie, we spotted Shefali in a corset-detailed slip dress that she teamed with a white blazer and pair of blush-toned pumps. At the movie screening, she was photographed in an Urvashi Kaur tunic, one that she paired with black pants and strappy sandals.

While she looked nice in the dress, wasn’t a fan of the dress itself. The puckering at the seams was hard to overlook! It was easy to pick the tunic as the favorite of the two looks; it was simple but effective.

Shefali Shah At Jalsa Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks lovely in both. The color of the dress is gorgeous on her.

    The dress, though, has some serious fit and design issues. Corset dresses hardly looks good on anyone.

    The second look is relatable and nice.

  2. The corset dress actually works on her. It’s styled well. The fabric and hem definitely isn’t good. But she still manages to look good.

    second look is an easy fuss free look. She looks good.

  3. So this is style , the tunic is a no brainer it is well tailored and will look good on most occasions . The tricky dress with Corset detail is also looking good thanks to the blazer . In a previous post there was suggestion to add a blazer which was shot down, this sighting proves every piece has value and how it fits to make a whole is what the stylist needs to understand .


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