In All Saints


At the I Am Kalam Premiere, actress Shama Sikander was spotted in an All Saints dress that she styled just like the model. We say that because the belt isn’t really a part of the dress.

When I first saw this dress a couple of months ago, it gave me a very Lanvin-esque vibe with the ruffles. Coming back to Shama, the lip color really kills this look. Nude gloss may have worked better.

Left: Shama Sikander at I Am Kalam Premiere
Right: All Saints Lucius Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • i agree with u.

      she would have looked better without all those accessories & simple sandals or pumps, a high pony
      and ofcourse with good makeup (right now her makeup somehow reminds me of a clown :-) ).


  1. darker shade is great. but perhaps not THIS particular shade. also her face is a little too caked with make up, which takes much away from the edginess of dress and makes it look very…soap opera’ ish. Really wish she had done something to her hair and skipped the jewelery, what with the hair, the jewelry, the belt and the cumbersome dress you can barely even see Shama


  2. Agreed! I think it would be a different issue if it were a bright red, but this deep, almost rust-like, colour brings a nice contrast to the while look, esp. since everything else is so neutral. A nude lip would have just washed her out completely.




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