On An Aside: Shahana In A Dido Video

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Spotted Shahana Goswami in the video of Dido’s song ‘Lets Do The Things We Normally Do’. The video is about a taxi driver who drives around the streets of Mumbai.

No points for guessing who the taxi driver is!


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  1. WOAH! Dido’s still alive!
    … I like it (shhhh…don’t tell anyone) it’s very simple and organic and sort of nostalgic 😀
    love the video too

  2. also on an aside I SAW FRIEDA PINTO and that British kid she’s working with on E!’s Daily 10! (I’ve only seen the Abhi-Ash wedding on there before)
    they were #4! and there is really a lot of Oscar buzz around the film 🙂


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