One In Every Color?

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It started with the Golden Globes and hasn’t stopped since and no, we aren’t talking about Freida mania!

We mean SRK and his obsession for the ‘keffiyeh’ scarf. We’ve had enough of it already, what about you?


Left: At ‘Ghar Ki Baat’ Press Meet
Right: At ‘Nach Baliye’ Finale

srk-blue-keffiyeh.JPG shahrukh-ipl-blue.jpg

At IPL Meeting

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My obvious conclusion was he’s probably hiding some surgery scars by placing thesse scarves in strategic points….and anyway who started caring about how rich and powerful men dress or as a matter of fact even look? Btw , on IPL, I was watching IPL announcements, and Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallaya can give these filmi gus a run for their money with their power clothes. Also check out Mallya’s rock in one of his ears…I tell you, some women have all the luck hanging out with these guys.

  2. In the above two pictures SRK did not have surgery. If I recall it was Akshay Kumar who started wearing trendy scarfs and crew cut hair now every two actors follow suit. 😉 He cannot be making a statement cus someone else has. Scarfs are not for him. He is best in suits

  3. Guys,

    These scarves are all the rage in London right now. Every street vendor around Piccadilly and Sloane Sq is hawking them by boat loads. Don’t think we have seen the last of it……..

  4. BTW, PnP, Can you pls pls review Priety’s LBD at the IPL event? Am dying to know more abt it. Appreciate much. Thx in advance.

  5. anyway, personally I think he pulls it off quite well. It’s another thing that he needs to change things up every now and then.

  6. The excuse about using it as a ‘sling’ for surgery is so BS!!!!

    This is an old fad that was in heavy circulation in the UK 2 years ago!!!!!

  7. Argh! Those scarves are everywhereee in NYC now…they can be cute sometimes but there’s really no point in wearing one with a’s like when college kids wear giant sweatshirts with short shorts…helloooo, you are defeating the purpose!

  8. WAIT! He doesn’t have one in green (mine is green)…Maybe I should send him mine too, just to complete the collection 😛

  9. errmm—I saw an interview of his for the BBC in London and he did not wear this scarf–so really people just coz three pics of him have popped up since the end of jan and now its the end of what march does NOT mean he wears it all the time…
    but yes–i do agree that it was rather unnecessary for the IPL event…

  10. I saw them on mannequins in Abercrombie and Fitch yesterday! Would love to know WHO exactly started this trend. If its SRK, then WOW! He is influencing more than just India 🙂

  11. you know how some girls try too hard to look sexy, Sharukh is trying so hard to look cool hip and young, it just shows, too much trying is not good

  12. I don’t think he is wearing it right, but I don’t mind I like that he is making an effort to make a statement. n he looks cute specially in Nach Baliye with that hair style.

  13. UGH, no. Just too desperately-trying-to-be-hip for my taste, and the keffiyeh trend must die- it sickens me to see symbols of a people’s movement being used as some random fashion accessory, and being worn badly at that.

    And I agree with jiji and the others- the scarves were a massive trend in London about 2-3 years back, and it was irritating then too.


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