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Shah Rukh and Gauri attended Aamir and Kiran’s Diwali party on Thursday evening with the former wearing a navy sherwani (by Manish Malhotra?) and the latter sticking to a fusion sari by her favorite designer, Monisha Jaising.

Check back later for more pics.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan at Aamir Khan Kiran Rao Diwali Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Some women can never learn to keep it classy. What a cheap looking outfit. Hair is just adding to the already tacky look. I just wonder how someone with so much of money n other resources at one’s disposal can look so un-classy specially when one is sorrounded by all things ‘fashion’! These people have travelled so much n meet so many high-profile people of the country everyday but still choose to wear cheapest looking outfits!

  2. Why can’t she just wear “normal” sarees?
    The sarees innate grace, elegance and everything just disappeared when “fused” with whatever!

  3. Disaster !!!!!!!!!!

    My god the outfit is so damn ugly and very oldddd work
    Worst was the hair looks like she just came through storm
    Now don’t lemme mention abt the makeup !!!

    This shud be Halloween look not diwali

  4. Is monisha jaisingh blackmailing ppl into wearing her designs? gauri seems to be literally the only one constantly wearing these fusion saris

  5. Okay…..I have an explanation here. Happens to me all the time. Gauriji was cooking, cleaning, making sure lights and fans are turned off before she leaves the house, getting her spouse ready, ironing his clothes in the last minute, getting her kiddo ready for bed…..and then suddenly she realizes……wowza, times up ! she has to leave. She pull out a “pull-over saree”, dabs some shine on her face……no time to do hair coz her other half sitting in the car is pissed off waiting and is shouting “you are always late for everything!”

    Now, she makes sense right ?

    • No this doesn’t make sense !!
      They have a makeup artist locking dates and time for them … u can clearly see the amount of makeup on her face
      – designer cloths arrives many days before the event with their exact measurement !!!!
      – when ur super rich I’m sure u won’t be sweeping the entire house … u have maids doing it for u

      • She’s being ironical here. Of course Gauri Khan has an entire team looking after her home and kids. And putting together her outfits


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