Once Again.

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Did we really want to see this again! Hell no!

IIFA Fashion Extravaganza 2008
‘Rock On’ Premiere

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  1. I knew it was the Moroccan national dress, but I had to google to figure out the name – it’s jellabiyya. I guess the problem is that she’s trying to wear it like a kurta with a churidar, whereas traditionally it’s worn without one.

    But seriously, I’m always happy when a non-Indian wants to pay homage to the sari, so I say Shabbo aunty, go for the jellabiyya!

  2. Uff, Shabana and her kaftans.

    She’s got such a lovely face but I seriously feel she does not have ANY particular look that “she owns.” Ya know? She tries wearing Saris and they don’t sit well on her either (I don’t know, could be the designs). I think she should stick to Salwar Kamiz – even in her heydays, she looked lovely in them.

  3. Jellabiya,huh? no kidding….Are you sure she didn’t just get entangled in her living room curtain while making a quick dash for the car?

  4. she should have worn something better to her own family member’s film premiere. these kaftan type clothes are for lounging around the house.

  5. @ wannabe… ROFL!

    jellabiya…hehehe i think Diya wore it the right way some time back right? without the salwar i mean…she looked better

  6. hahahah “tent”

    she needs to stick to salwars for sure, or learn how to choose better designs in sarees. the kaftan look is just horrible on her

  7. I love shabana but her outfit is strange. I feel like she dressed up to go to a tribal elders meeting, but ended up at a movie premiere somehow.

  8. @ K – I think she does have a look that she “owns” because she’s usually dressed in very ethnic type outfits. She doesn’t really go for the trendy look or classic, because there’s always some type of print or something ethnically/tribally inspired, and she seems to like stuff that is different from the norm. So I think this outfit is true to her style.


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