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Sayani attended the screening of movie on Thursday evening wearing a strapless dress and sheer pants from Masaba’s Game Of Thrones inspired collection.

While I liked Neha’s kaftan, can’t say I care for these particular separates. Ms. Gupta for her part, wears it as best as she could.

Sayani Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can understand drawing inspiration from the fabrics, textures, shapes, etc. from the costume department on GoT but if inspiration means printing the House sigils on fabric or pasting Joffrey’s evil grin on a jacket, I think the show’s wearable merchandise is a better and cheaper option.

  2. Is the Masaba brand basically a ‘design house’ which sources monocolour fabric & then prints/emroiders an absurd animal/logo/ tea cup/bhains/ chaarpaey on it?

    I’ve clearly never been a fan (shrugs).

  3. 1. Nahaakar nikli hogi fotu ke liye pose maarne ka chance mila
    2. Tel se nahaane ke liye gayi, paani band ho gaya.
    3. Tel se nahaane gayi, light chali gayi to garam paani nahi mila :p


    1. Got out of the shower, since she is a celebrity and all, she overheard someone say “Photo please” and she began posing
    2. She applied oil all over, the water got shut off when she entered the bathroom
    3. She applied oil all over, the power got shut off, so the geyser wouldn’t heat up

  4. Sayani goes gun blazing. The only thing good about the clothes is the “Lady” in them.
    When Masaba entered the game I honestly thought she would have a storyline like Jeremy Scott. Inexplicably creative. Seldom understood. Polarising reviews. Et al. But good lord the designing and hold on craft kept on getting worse and now I don’t even know what is being sold. As her merch says. Can’t..


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