1. So here’s the thing, Sarah seems have a very raw taste in fashion. I often see her in very simple churidaars and kurtas and it’s just so refreshing. Her one airport look I have seen was actually what normal people wear on flights and again that was so refreshing, but the thing is that her that same simple and raw style doesn’t transfer to her former looks. Maybe a breakup from Abu Jaani is much needed? Y’all know what I mean?

    • Not just sara, the entire bollywood clan needs to break up with the awful c*ap being churned out by AJSK, unfortunately the newbies are lured in by the promise of “exposure” and the old guard is drunk on their “power” basis which they get freebies

  2. Sara is a pretty girl. But you cannot tell her outfits from the other. They all look the same, color, style , bling ,designer. She needs to change it up a little.

  3. She’s a pretty young girl, how good would she look in more contemporary designs like Anita Dongre, Arpita Mehta or Payal Singhal. She’s stuck in the 90’s AJSK rut.

  4. She looks lovely even though the outfits aren’t that great. She is a natural beauty. Wish we could see more of her mom on screen….what a fantastic actress !


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