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For Republic Day, Sara dressed up in colors of the national flag including blue bangles and earrings to match the Ashoka chakra. Like the combo on her?

Sara Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks lovely, but the blue accessories do not go with that attire. It’s too stark. One can’t say that the dupatta and churidar colors are precisely that of the Indian flag. Nevertheless, it looks charming and goes well together because of the shades. Point being that the accessories too could have been matched if it was a couple of shaded lighter.
    More importantly, why is this particular picture of her here? It’s not an event picture, and there is nothing to write about this look.

    • I agree with you. I will go as far as saying that this look was meant to be gimmicky and cute. Sara is shrewd and she knows and plays her audience to her benefit (as one does & should in her public position) as the comments & likes on this forum indicate.

  2. Simple and beautiful and very relatable. The idea and the concept is more important than the exact matching of colours, and it does not have to be a glamourous event to feature here. It is relevant to a very important day for India, and the effort taken has to be appreciated. These celebrities are influencers, and when they dress up to respect our nation, that is worthy of appreciation, rather than nitpicking about the shades of orange, green or blue.

  3. I hear you, and I respectfully disagree with you. Events drive fashion choices; hence, I will ask and comment accordingly. It is a comment on fashion and not patriotism. You have the right to your opinion, and I mine. The best part is that we both reside on this page to express our views, however opposing they may be.

  4. Its not about fashion here but how relatable this look is . Most of us have done something similar for school republic / independence day functions pulling things out of cupboard in the color / shades of flag . I like this girl because of the comfort and relatability that she brings and should be applauded for the same .


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