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You’d think that after a wedding and countless receptions, Sania and Shoaib would take off for a while. Instead, the newly weds made an appearance at the Diesel Party and at the Femina Miss India 2010 where Sania was a judge.

At the Diesel party, Ms. Mirza chose a black dress with a sheer-neck detail. I instantly disliked this look because I hate seeing straps under a sheer neck. If you can’t go strapless, skip on the outfit is my mantra. If you really must wear, then go with a more interesting strap and by that I mean lace ones. (Definitely stay far away from clear straps!)


Sania Mirza at Diesel Launch Party

If I am not mistaken, this is the first time Sania has been spotted in one and I applaud her for trying a new look. But, the color and the design of the gown really didn’t do her justice. The crossed drape wasn’t flattering and with the red lips, it was all too overwhelming. Am sure Ms. Mirza will do much better the next time around, or so I hope.


Sania Mirza at Femina Miss India 2010


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ignoring the straps…she looks good in the black dress. I like her hair and her make up a lot. The red look is a bit much…and she looks quite uncomfortable in it.

  2. Umm I hope one of the wedding gifts from someone was a consultation or two with a fashion consultant-I know harsh but still. Hot mess all the way at both appearances. Horrible.

  3. Those red lips are a bit much. I actually like her black dress. Wish she had used a nude lipstick with the red gown. By the way, the husband looks nice!
    @P&P: “stay away from clear straps”…why??

  4. but how gorgeous does her face look! I did a quick google search on her and I’m surprised at how much has she changed in the last 2-3 years.

    • She has gotten so white over the years and especially more so recently. I like her in the black dress – its not a perfect 10, but its soo much better than the disaster that is the red gown.

  5. At the Diesel party, neck up she looks good. I don’t like th dress at all – the soild band at the bust is quite tacky. Like only what she holds in her hands when in the gown! She needs help with her make-up.

  6. I think she could have looked fine in the red if she had skipped the harsh makeup and ditched the red lips. I think that the drape going across the waist on the red shouldn’t be there. I would have liked her to pick a different clutch (simpler looking) with the red but that looks fine too. The black minus the bra straps and the goldilocks and the kohl eyes (bit too much black for me) is something she put on really well.

  7. Her makeup looks good on the top pic but the dress isn’t looking great on her. As for the red look – very prom queenish! Her face looks pretty though, but the red lips are too much.

  8. If she plans to appear in such clothes she better hire a stylist. Black would have been okay but for the straps and the awful bust area.
    Red would have been okay but for the loud make-up.

    I must say I am glad she is using the clutches again. You see some people holding diff clutches everytime and wonder what they do with them later.

  9. Seeing how tanned she is in places I can imagine she has some facial skin woes as well. In trying to compensate for the tan she goes in the opposite direction. I think browns, nudes, suit her face but anything harsh like red or black does not. She really should wear brown eyeliner.. It’ll be much softer and she should stick to nude lipsticks.

    She looks nicer in the black just because of better choices

  10. I think she looks great in black .But red is too much.Cross
    over neck,not for busty women.
    Red lipstick with red gown…..a big no no (not everyone can carry that).

    Makeup in red (minus red lipstick,hair) is good,she looks clean,glowy and smooth-skinned.

  11. I feel that she has some good fashion sense, but doesn’t really know how to dress her body. That red gown would have been perfect on someone less top-heavy, and the slicked back hair didn’t help. The black dress is nice too, but like P & P mentioned, the visible straps ruin the look, as well as the overstyled hair.


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