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There are outfits that sneakers work with, and then there are outfits that just do not. While Pragya’s look screamed effortless, Sangeeta’s pairing looked forced and random. Feel differently? Tell us!

Sangeeta Bijlani (Left) And Pragya Kapoor At Antim Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ms. Bijlani’s attire looks like it is confused between the 90s and the 2020s. Pragya should have opted for some other footwear to elevate the look because the dress is plain.

  2. Sangeeta’s burnt and wavy hair is overwhelming the outfit .. otherwise she looks nice. A shorter sleeker (or whatever her natural hair looks like) so would look great on her.

  3. Sangeeta looks better
    Pragya looks .. frankly she doesn’t looks anything.

    Off late, your opinions look biased and trashy. Not the tone which trashes most of celebs most of time. Aapko kya ho gaya hai ji?..

  4. Agree, i couldn’t go beyond how Ms Bijlani rocks her 61 and is looking right out of her oye oye song set. I say she aces her mini, i didn’t even notice the sneakers which coming to think of it she pulls off pretty well

  5. Wow, Sangeeta looks fantastic for 61!! Gorgeous lady. Not fair to compare, or put two completely different looks in one frame. Sangeeta deserves her own post. And Pragya looks amazing because of her ease and casual vibe.


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