In Hemant and Nandita

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Samantha, who is vacation in the Maldives like just about every celebrity, shared a pic of herself on social media wearing a Hemant and Nandita floral print coverup.

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. The resorts in Maldives sure are splurging cash to get Indian celebs promote them. And literally every celeb looks tacky. Not even one look that stands out.

  2. So much for being in a creative field: every body goes to the same place, puts the same picture and the same caption. Amazing that an entire industry wants to come across as interchangeable clones. I guess the formula has truly kicked in !! Bollywood is now a Walmart 🙂

  3. How tone deaf and inconsiderate these celebs are? almost all of them posting pics of their vacays, dressed in designer clothes, when most people are struggling to keep jobs in the midst of a pandemic.


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