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Wearing a beautiful Anamika Khanna fusion sari with a Ritika Sachdeva headpiece, Samantha attended the audio launch of her upcoming movie. Finishing out the look were gold sandals and a dull gold ring.

She looked great!

P.S. While Samantha’s sari is quite different, did it remind you of Sonam’s look from Cannes?


Samantha Ruth Prabhu at Alludu Seenu Audio Launch


Samantha Ruth Prabhu at Alludu Seenu Audio Launch

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  1. She looks good in the pics where she is sitting. While face wise she looks so pretty, the ones where she is standing, the outfit is making her look so broad and stunted.

  2. Looks like picked every piece from other actress past looks..head piece from
    DP (she wore at some function with same hair) saree from Sonam

  3. The saree is pretty but no way is she being able to pull off that head-piece. It looks very gimmicky on her.
    Also, is the outfit a size too big for her maybe?

  4. Actually Anamika Khanna’s drape (for outfits worn by Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sonam Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan at Saif-Kareena Sangeet Ceremony) is very similar to the drape of Khada Dupatta or Khara Dupatta traditionally worn by Hyderabadi Muslim brides of both India and Pakistan … yes, please do google it 🙂

    So lovely to see traditional and classic cultural designs making a come-back… they were never out of style in the first place 🙂

  5. I appreciate Samantha is trying out new things…her cute face saves her most of the times…but if you look at all the recent functions she has been attending, she looks over the top and out of place…wearing something like this to a major award function wud be fine…a low profile movie audio function was not the right place…

    Also there is no originality in the styling…a pity since she and her stylist follow this blog diligently…

  6. Epic fail and testament to what happens when you copy someone else’s sense of style. Someone like Sonam Kapoor can carry a look like this with panache. The outfit is pretty. period. The headpiece is awful. At the end of the day one needs to be able to carry an outfit like this. I’m very amused by the comments on her stylist though. This is definetly not an outfit that looks like it was put together by a stylist… looks like something you put together by looking at Sonam Kapoor designs. How about some originality?

    • The million dollars question is, when does a style become a trend to follow tho? A daintier headpiece +a simpler blouse – even though this one is quite beautiful – would probably work better.

  7. Love love love this sari and the sandals. The more I look, the less I mind the headpiece although I do wonder if I would have liked the look more without it.
    In some pictures it works, others, I’m iffy.

  8. Everyone around her look like normal people, and she looks very costumey – like she stepped out of from the sets of a Mahabharat style tele-serial.


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