The Pink Ladies


We saw many ladies in pink saris at the Filmfare South Awards but not everyone was a favorite. Samantha was pretty in her pink embroidered sari but the pearl tasseled halter blouse just killed it for me.

It’s odd that of the lot, it was a pink sari paired with a sequin blouse that won it for me (Kriti) and only because she just wore it so well. The other two I am not even going to bother writing about. You can see how bad their saris were.

Thanks D. for the ID.

Samantha, Kriti Kharbanda, Nikesha Patel, Richa G
at 58th Idea Filmfare Awards South 2011

Photo Credit: IdleBrain, Cinejosh


  1. 2nd one is Kriti Kharbanda and the 4th is Richa G :) there were others looking nice tht nite too.. lakshmi manchu in blue/ amla/anushka (not nice) / trisha in an ombre saree. I think the best dressed (if a MM doenst drown u) was shreya ghoshal. So delicate and pretty.


  2. i usually dont like such bikini type blouses but i must say i actually look samantha’s look….she manages to look soo incredibly sexy and sensuous without looking tacky

    kriti was nice and simple…but felt the look was a bit flat maybe because of the colour

    nikisha arrived just like she does to every event, overly blingy and tacky sarees horrible makeup and hair….

    dont like richa’s saree either


  3. i actually hate what richa and sonal are wearing..sonal is sucha pretty gal..she should have spent some time in choosing the right outfit for the evening..anyways i hate hate what richa is wearing ..she never gets dressed like a heroine..she always chooses those 250rs sarees to wear for every where she was invited


  4. Yes, Kriti looks so delicate and well dressed. I like Samantha too, but for that boob show ;) – totally unnecessary for what she is wearing




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