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Ameesha In L’Officiel

Louis Vuitton Spring 2008

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  1. Bustiers are coming back in fashion, so its not just the “stupid filthy rich people” who buy them, teemed with a pair of jeans look great, or with a saree- uber chic. Its big in the west where I live, so guess its about how much you are exposed to that

  2. bustiers, corset-tops are so sexy and a classic. they have been around for a long time but still come back so fresh. paired with the right jeans, pencil skirts, or even a nice pair of formal trousers they look great!
    and amisha is looking just WOW! i wouldn’t have known it was her if it wasn’t mentioned.

  3. absolutely love bustiers. Yeah, depends on the crowd you move in – and it is definitely NOT “stupid, filthy, rich people” stuff; depends on the crowd you move in.

  4. I was talking in terms of LV making a garment which merely has any creativity nor fabric manipulation. Besides I saw these coming back quite a while ago, and bustiers are classic as they have been garned since 16th Century. But I never liked Manisha Malhotra’s heriones wearing all those ewww bustier tops/dresses/blouses.
    It’s a disappoint (for me) to see that a designer for LV creates something so basic that you can grab it from any other retail store and I can imagine pattern makers raising their eyebrows.
    So yeah, still sticking to what I said. Different taste/knowledge in fashion, so cool.

  5. Nepali I totally get what your point is and I agree 100% ,one has to becfilthy rich AND mega stupid to spend so much money on something so basic as that…….

  6. NO do not agree, yeah we know about the 16th century bustiers, but thanks for the history lesson, its not what you wear its the way you wear it that matters. Ameesha patel rocks the outfit, Manish’s heroines look tad cheap in the outfits. Having said that, its not a trend to ignore, its here to say for now, and since its a very form flattering look will be encouraged and inculcated by the desingers.

    Part of being a good desinger is to also know what a trend is, and pop culture all over the world is exactly that pop(ular)culture, so LV reintroducing the aforesaid bustier, is probably the story continued.

  7. anonymous ^ I think you didn’t get the point it’s not about whether bustiers are or will be a trend but the fact that LV made these extremely basic and cheap looking bustiers and linger which price at thousands of dollars probably……..Of course sure bustiers are a trend nobody denied that……lol


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